Raccolta di commenti inviati a Morasha.it sulla nuova Intifada


Appello all'Unicef di genitori italiani sull'uso di minori nelle manifestazioni politiche

Dear Mr. Bellami,

we are a group of Italian parents, and we read your press release of October 12, 2000, which encourages comments, and here we are with our comments.

What impresses us most is the use of children to make war. It is a painful every-day TV spectacle to see eleven-twelve- years-old children sent to the front row to throw stones to start a hand to hand fight with Israeli soldiers. No matter the goal, the use of children in war is a violence against them. In our experience, parents keep children home away from riots.

We never read the Palestinian penal code. In Italy lack of custody of minors under fourteen is a crime. We expect that UNICEF, which efficiently protects the rights of children all over the World, raises its voice against this scandal through an appropriate public motion.


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