Tesi di laurea di Emanuela Dolcini - 1938: L'opinione pubblica britannica e l'antisemitismo fascista




Reproduced from the New York paper. " Comwnweal." This cartoon shows the impression created in the United States by the new wave of anti-Semitism in Italy. Mussolini, rolling up his sleeves, is saying: "My turn. Adolf."

In Abyssima?

Meanwhile, those Jews facing banishment from Italy are making what plans they can to seek homes in new countries, five thousand of them alone will have to leave the city of Milan. Many are wondering if the Duce will grant them facilities to settle in Abyssinia -especially, says the British United Press, if such a gesture would bring him a foreign loan for the development of the Empire.

Official quarters in Rome, however, refuse to discuss the question of why Abyssinia was—significantly—excluded from the countries mentioned ia the expulsion decree.

MUSSOLINI, not content with expelling all foreign-born Jews from Italy, yesterday carried the war against Italian Jewish children and scientists.

His Cabinet approved a decree:—Banishing all Jewish children from all legally recognised schools; and prohibiting the engagement of any Jewish instructor, professor or teacher at any school.

Many Professors

The decree applies to all Jews; differing from the expulsion decree, which applies only to foreign-born Jews who took up residence in Italy, Libya, and the Dodecanese Islands after January 1, 1819.

About 20.000 Jews are registered In Italian schools, says the British United Press. The number is particularly high in the universities.

Jewish professors. It is estimated, hold 400 out of Italy's 1.800 university chairs. This does not account for assistant lecturers and professors.

Many of Italy's most distinguished scientists and scholars will be affected by the decree.

Famous Names

They include, says the Central News, Prof. Tullio Levi-Civita, eminent mathematician and disciple of Prof. Einstein;

Signer Artom, the gynaecologist who attended Crown Princess Marie José; Signor Giorgio del Vccchio, professor of philosophy; Signer Gino Arias, the economist: and Signor Guido Castcl-nuovo. professor of mathematics.

It is expected that Jewish students will now be forced to attend private schools whose diplomas are not recognised. The Government may. however, establish a Jewish university and Jewish schools.

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