Tesi di laurea di Emanuela Dolcini - 1938: L'opinione pubblica britannica e l'antisemitismo fascista







ROME, Thursday.

The Italian Government has now taken up a definite position on the racial problem.

This is manifested through a report issued by a group of unnamed pro- fessors at the Rome University. Their findings have now been published.

The preamble states that the report was drafted under the guidance of the Ministry for Popular Culture, formerly called Press and Propaganda. The professors’ report declares that the racial composition of the Italians to-day is practically identical, with what it was 1,000 years ago. It is purely Aryan. ltalian civilisation is also purely Aryan. The time has now come for the Italians frankly to proclaim themselves racialists in the Italian sense of the term.

The theory that large numbers of people belong to. other races from Africa, for instance, is declared to be a mere legend unsupported by historical fact. The Hebrews, states the report, do not belong to the Italian race, which must be classified as one of the home European races and Nordic also in that sense, although it is not to be presumed that Nordic means the same as the Nordic races of the North of Europe.


There exists in the world great races and little races. The Italian race belongs to the first category. Racialism in Italy must be treated from a purely biological standpoint, that is, not with regard to religion. A clear line must be drawn between the Mediterranean peoples of Europe and those peoples of Africa. These pronouncements have caused some searching of heart among Jews who have been born and bred here and those who have acquired Italian citizenship after taking refuge in this country on leaving Germany between 1933 and 1935. For some time it has been clear that since the establishment of the Rome-Berlin axis in 1936, the position of Jews in Italy has not been so assured as it was.

Recently Jews who have served for years in the Army and Navy and were due for promotion have failed to get promoted. Many have been quietly advised that they had better retire with the rank attained. Jewish scientists have also been unable to become members of the Italian Royal Academy although there is no open ban against them.

Signor Farinacci, editor of the "Regime Fascista" and former secretary of the Fascist party has been demanding a drastic reduction of the number of Jews on boards of large business combines and insurance companies which they control to a great extent.


This is the first pronouncement of Italian policy towards Jews since, Fcb. 16 when the Government issued the 14th number of "Informazione Diplomatica."

This document categorally stated that the Fascist Government had no, intention whatsoever of taking political, economic or moral measures against the Jews, except those who are against the Fascist regime. Foreign newspaper polemics were responsible, it said, for the false rumours about the position of Jews in Italy.

The Italian Government believes that the Jewish problem can be solved only by creating a Hebrew State, but not in Palestine. A specific Jewish problem, according to the Italian Government, docs not exist in Italy. There are be- twccn 50.000 and 60.000 Jews amid a| total population of 44,000,000 Italians of pure Aryan race.

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