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Youth Needs British Union

Modern Thought in Modern Age. BRITISH UNION is essentially a movement of Youth, and more so than ever will this be true in the future. The older generation in many cases find it difficult to adapt their minds to anything new. Many of them have not got past the stage outlined by Gilbert’s famous lines: "Every little girl and boy who's born into this world alive is either a little liberal or else a little conservative."

The only real difference nowadays is that liberals have disappeared to all intents and purposes and Labour has taken their place. The older generation is finding it difficult to adjust its ideas on modern lines and British Union is a thing outside the ken of many people.

But to the youth of the country now growing up, British Union, like aeroplanes and motor cars, is something they have always known and they take to its virile policy as a bird takes to the air.

It is now more than six years since British Union was founded, and many of those who were between the ages of14 and 18 in those days are now between 20 and 24, and are holding responsible posts in the Movement throughout the country. personal of movement nourishes , it has been due to the, efforts of a natural youth leader, has got his friends together and formed a section. When British Union started, these young- sters, would have been eligible only for the youth movement. As they have passed on into ranks of the Blackshirts so their places are being filled by other youngsters. These present-day Cadets can hardly remember politics when there was no British Union.


As time goes on we shall look to the youth movement more and more for our recruits to the senior branch of the movement. Only adults who have rendered very special service will be admitted direct to our ranks.

The youth movement to be a success must stand on its on feet. Youth must run it and the youth leaders will find themselves as time goes on.

In many places we already have flourishimg Youth Sections. In no cases has this been due to spoon-feeding by National Headquarters, in every case where a section of the youth movement flourishes it has been due to the personal efforts of a natural youth leader, who has got his friends together and has formed a section.


If you have not got a flourishing branch of movement in your district it is nobody’s fault but your own. It is up to you to do what has been done elsewhere. You can do it if you are really keen about the job. There is a potential youth leader in every district and no district can consider itself complete unless it has a youth section. People have told me that they cannot form or keep a youth section in their district because there is nothing for the youth to do. That merely prove that either either the district or the youth leader has no initiative.

There is plenty of work for the youth in British Union today apart from district work. Cadets can indulge in physical fitness in classes, form cycling clubs, go in for signalling, woodcraft and hundred and one other pastimes which help to weld them into a corporate whole. In election times a strong youth section will be invaluable as those who have fought elections and had youth sections to help them have already found out. Every district should be well aware of the fact that their future lies in the youth and it is to their own advantage to help to foster the youth movement in any way they can.

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