Tesi di laurea di Emanuela Dolcini - 1938: L'opinione pubblica britannica e l'antisemitismo fascista





Powerful Influences at Work

The influx of alien Jews into Britain continues The national Press in its columns, hide the identity of these immigrants by referring to them as German, Austrian and Czech refugees. The British public are asking questions: How do these aliens get into these country? The answer is: Some come legally, the majority are being by back-door methods - forged passports, week-end tickets from France, forged birth certificates, impersonation of British sea-man, are the chief methods adopted.

The police and immigration officials are powerless to stop the influx of aliens to our shores. A few months ago police were investigating, in East London, a factory for the manufacture of forged birth certificates. The case was reported in the Press. That was the last the British public heard of the investigation. Why did the hush up this investigation?


POWERFUL influences are at work in Britain in aid of these alien Jewish immigrants. That influence is the money power, which controls Press, political parties, and politicians. This money power is International Finance, which is controlled by aliens.

Not only do these forces use their power, aiding alien immigration into Britain, they are collecting huge sums of money in this country to aid alien Jews in Czecho-Slovakia and elsewhere, while two millions of our people of the British blood are unemployed, without enough to eat.

It is downright wickedness to allow such a state of affairs to continue.

Let us take our stand and say we have no room in Britain for anyone but ourselves, when we have give work, wages and food to all our people who are in need. Then it will be time for us to think of other people who live in foreign countries. Wake up, Britain, support British Union, unless you would become drawers of waters, hewers of wood, slaves of International Finance, which is mainly Jewish.

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